Digging for Roots – Home vs Home

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “Digging for Roots.”

“In this perpetual tug-of-war between now and then, finding the footing to develop a sense of home is difficult, if not impossible, particularly for those who may find themselves stuck between cities, states, or countries.”

Home vs Home Kim Hewison Nov 27, 2014
Home vs Home
Kim Hewison
Nov 27, 2014

5 thoughts on “Digging for Roots – Home vs Home”

  1. I love this, Kim. It is terribly challenging in transitioning our children into adulthood but to add this other layer of location would be difficult. I am thankful we have the Lord to help us in this endeavor. It is amazing to me how long it takes to transition and settle in a new place.

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    1. Darlene, Thank you! Yes, it is very hard. I thought I was doing “good” dealing with my oldest taking those first adult steps of independence, but today the emotions of my “baby” doing this or that choked me up.


  2. I guess you can just say I’m the square one. Maybe it’s because I had a tumultuous upbringing. It’s tough being away from my mom and my brothers, but it’s like you even stated in your poem, “called by God”. First I was 4000 kilometers away, then across the ocean, and now in the southern hemisphere. Ohhhhh, the life of a missionary. I truly consider myself more like a nomad. Although, where I am with my family (hubby and kids), there I’m home.

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    1. “Called by God” is what I have spoken over my children. I, of course, want them near me but I have always told them to follow God. Not that things would always be easy or perfect but that God would always take care of them. It sounds like you are blessed by God and have been truly taken care of by God; not easy or perfect but a life full of love.

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