New Horizons

Kim's love birds in color pencil medium

I have been working on my Mixed Media projects and that has developed into yet another book I am trying to write and Illustrate with my poetry on my mixed media art pages. One of the hard things is trying to figure out how to get the text on the page. Sure, I could do it with the computer graphics program and make it look great. But I want the original complete with the poem as well.

I dislike my handwriting. Over the years I’ve gotten busy, it’s gotten sloppy. During one of my searches I found by Dawn Nicole 30 Day Challenges. The link will take you to her February 2016 Doodling and Lettering Prompts. I have also signed up for several of her other projects, but that’s another post.

Yesterday’s challenge was to doodle Love birds. She has an entire Facebook Group devoted to these Challenges. The talent is amazing.

I have also been playing around with the idea of coloring pages/ book. You can color your own version of Kim’s Love Birds pdf coloring sheet.



P.S. I love playing around with the setting on pictures. Here is another version of the Love Birds. altered curves Kim's love birds in color pencil