Yard Sale Crafts, part 1

I love to yard sale. It wasn’t something that came naturally to me. My mother really didn’t approve for many years. My husband’s family had done some when he was young. If memory serves, it was more auctions.

My husband and I move away from family after we had been married nine months. Trying to find inexpensive fun things to do together after we bought our first place, we needed to decorate on very tight budget. I asked him to teach me how to yard sale and auction etiquette.

I am sure that there have been times though out our marriage that he has regretted teaching me.( I have definitely surpassed my teacher.) However, this past weekend, we went spent a day together yard sale-ing. It was a great day.

I found quite a bit of art supplies at a much reduced price. YEAH!!!! I have wanted to try my hand at beaded bracelets. (I tried one years ago. It turned out okay. I wanted one of those kit thingies, but not enough to put my money where my mouth was.) I found one of the Klutz Knitted Beaded Bracelet kits at a yard sale for fifty cents. It was time to try it. It looked like maybe someone had opened it up and looked at it then put it back.

There is a learning curve and my background of crochet and knitting definitely help me jump to the head of the class. The pictured purple beaded bracelet is my first attempt.  I found the knitting relaxing. The stringing of beads was a little tedious but I love the comfort and look. There will be more.

Join me next week when I share a picture tutorial on a Pinterest – Success project with things bought this past weekend.




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