Abandoned, Good or Bad?

Abandoned, a word that evokes such emotion. Sadness and fear are my most predominate feelings. The abandoned house, family, pet, etc. . . Things left behind.

It’s not always a bad word or action. I have several projects that I have abandoned. Some are just waiting. Some, however, are abandoned and I will never work on them again.

That is truly a good thing. They weren’t a waste of my time because I learned something. They just aren’t worthy of more of my time.

What have you had to let go of and truly abandoned? Was it a good thing or bad?

I abandoned playing a musical instrument. I was not good and no amount of practice was going to help. It was a good thing. I was able to focus on more enjoyable pursuits: my love of photography, writing, painting, or simply creating what interest me at the moment (sewing, knitting or crocheting, etc. . . )

Don’t give up on something truly important to you but learn to prune your life.




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