Getting Dressed, part 1

I have been obsessed. Yes, obsessed with dresses. This is unusual for me. I can’t even tell you the last time I wore a dress. Oops, I can. It was two years ago for my oldest son’s graduation. It was a lovely print but it didn’t photo well. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn that until after the ceremony.

What do I have to do with the ceremony, one might ask? As homeschooling parents, we are required to be on stage to present the diploma to our graduating senior.  We will be presenting our daughter’s later this month. We are so proud of her. So, I need a great dress (dress #1).

My oldest son got engaged last month. So, I will need two great dresses this summer; one for the bridal shower (dress #2), and one for the wedding (dress #3). Again, we are so proud of our son and his fiancee. (side bar – a little nervous at becoming a mother-in-law).

Little Black Dress.jpg
Sketch and digital lettering I created for artistic challenge on Facebook

Now, back to my obsession, I am struggling with body image issues once again. Ten years ago, I lost sixty pounds in a couple of years. I maintained that weight loss for five years. I have slowly gained forty pounds over the last five years for so many reasons.

As I have gained the weight back, I have slowly noticed my wardrobe become monotonous, mostly jeans and t-shirts again. We are also going on vacation next month to where we lived five years ago. Pressure, right, I know.

Keep you posted,



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