#52CafeCards Week 3

I don’t like coffee. It was my luck that week three’s card is C – Coffee. Yuck.

I decided to play. It was a lot of fun to explore fake advertising. Technique learned – first time to have paper embellishment hanging off.

Again, this altered playing card was created for Maremi’s Creative Cafe’s(private Facebook art group) Mixed Media Altered Playing Card Challenge.

Find a way to turn lemons into lemonaid, I did. It was fun.




#52CafeCards – Week 1 & 2

In my last post I referred to a media art challenge in which I was participating.  The two cards picture here are my contribution for weeks 1 & 2/ A – Art & B – Bubbles.

The challenge is held by a private Facebook group, Maremi’s Creative Cafe. A couple of days ago, the group surpassed 5,000 members worldwide. It is a very supportive group with a wide diversity of members. We range from beginners to professional. Unfortunately, I am unable to share anyone else’s work but my own.

My hope is to see how I grow from week to week learning techniques and styles while finding and staying true to my style. My personal challenges in week one were 1) working on a small canvas, and 2) using magazine page in a collage. In week two, the challenge was bubbles. I have seen quite a few artworks with circles and bubbles.

Be Creative!



Long Time No See

I know that life happens to all of us. I seem to be particularly unable to balance life. People have always been my focus in life, usually this has been family. For the last twenty one years, my primary focus has been on my three children. I have experienced being the sandwich generation for the last six years.

However, this last year has been elevated to new levels of difficulties. I am planning on a series of post to share these life events. Highlights – engagement, graduation, vacations, aneurysms, ICU, Rehab, MRSA & infections, recovery, wedding, separations, and the big one Divorce.

I have joined a creative community on Facebook Mariemi Cafe and working on their #52CafeCards Challenge. Hoping to sharing my creative playing card created for the challenge, a letter a week with a theme. We are six weeks in for this years, I will probably keep this blog a week or two behind so I can make sure that I have the card ready.

Ready? I hope so. See you soon.