#52CafeCards Week 9/I – Imagination


Week 9’s Mixed Media Altered Playing Card Challenge presented by Maremi’s Creative Cafe on Facebook was Imagination for I. This one was a fun one for me. I have been wanting to use puzzle pieces in an artwork. Finding this Jane Davenport face stamp helped me to experiment.

I really like this card. I did have something like this planned for the poem I wrote about my mom and her aneurysm. Not sure my emotions will ever let me start/finish that project.

Are you dealing with a difficult family situation? I am. My art is my therapy. Is it yours?





Mom’s Typerwriter


Since my mom’s ruptured brain aneurysm, we have been slowly helping her clean out the basement. It has been a catch all for all the treasures from my grandparent’s passing and my mom’s only sister.

My daughter and I are writers and aspiring authors. While I earn a small amount from my writing, I am not where I want to be. I have self published two “books.” One is a children’s book, “The Case of the Missing Mother”. It’s a gentle tale about a little girl who gets lost but from her perspective her mother is the one lost. The second one, “Sideways” is a fanfic based on the Wayward Pines book series by Blake Crouch.

I also loved doing mixed media art. In my online group, several artworks used typewritten quotes. I really loved the look and wanted to try it. I found a local craft store that had new typewriters for $200. Ouch!

My parents had purchased an electric typewriter for my sister and I while we were in high school (now, I am telling my age, oops!) I knew they would never get rid of it. So, I asked them about it. Not sure where it is but dad found mom’s. I was cautiously optimist. All it needed was a ribbon. Score!

Now all I need are stronger fingers. It takes quite a bit to operate it. My next post should include a #52CafeCards card that I created using typing as an element on it.

What is your favorite family hand-me down? Please reply in the comments.



#52CafeCards – Week 8


Week 8’s Mixed Media Altered Playing Card Challenge presented by Maremi’s Creative Cafe on Facebook was H – ??? It was a twofer week. Marta originally chose Hummingbird, but she loved all the other projects in our group with hearts. She added hearts. So we had a choice this week, Hummingbird, Heart, or Hummingbird and Heart.

Hummingbird and Heart cards spoke to me. My personal challenge was to try a technique that I admire, paper piecing collage. I definitely did not master it. I like the way the heart turned out. I even like the body and head of the hummingbird, but the wings and tail feathers make me wince. It was hard to share this one.

I will try this technique again. Pretty sure that I will keep using my own style of paper piecing. I struggle with the ripping/gluing of such tiny pieces of paper even though I think it has a great aesthetic.

Lovingly endure!


#52CafeCards – Week 7

Week 7 of Mixed Media Altered Playing Card Challenge from Maremi’s Creative Cafe group on Facebook was G – Gears. Oooh! So many ideas so much great artwork!

How to make my piece stand out was my personal challenge this week. I needed to find a subcategory or theme. I love the saying on this one, “gears make the world go around.” It gave me the focus this little piece needed.

Working together!



#52CafeCards Week 6

Week 6 of Mixed Media Altered Playing Card Challenge at Maremi’s Creative Cafe on Facebook was F – Folk (Art). I created something similar for my mother-in-law’s birthday two years ago. It was more folk artsy but I hoped the more personal nature of this piece helped fill in the gap.

My growth in this weeks challenge came to sharing a more personal piece of art.

The private Facebook group was filled with folk art from around the globe. It was awe-inspiring.

Find your roots!



#52CafeCards Week 5

Week 5’s Mixed Media Altered Playing Card Challenge presented by Maremi’s Creative Cafe on Facebook was E – Eclipse. Love the shine. My word for this week’s challenge is shine. Silly, I know but. . .

This seemed like a hard challenge for the group, me included. I decided to try my Viva Decor  Inka Gold paints in three colors; Gold, Silver, and Blue.

Perfect? No, but fun and taught me to push through the doubts.

Shine on my peeps! (LOL, channeling my teens, sorry;))



#52CafeCards – Week 4

Week 4 of Maremi’s Creative Cafe’s Mixed Media Altered Playing Card Challenge on Facebook was D – Dragonfly.

This one is close to my heart. I have a weakness for dragonflies. As the first children’s book I published featured a dragonfly named Loop. You can check it out here.

Personal art growth challenge this week was “Shrinky Dink” embellishment. I created this cute little dragonfly with a clearance item from Joann Fabric’s. I was extra nervous thanks to my chemical allergy, but my heat gun shrunk it up nice(and I was able to breath, too! Yeah!!). New tool in my arsenal!

“be an original” as the card says.