13 Week Streak Summer Flash Fiction – 3rd week – edited

Week three of Thain in Vain and Drafty Devil bringing us the 13-Week Streak Summer Flash Fiction challenge. 500 words, one story using the prompt, enjoy!

This week the prompt was more difficult for me. So. . . I took a different approach. Hope you enjoy!LongBlueLinePoem kim izzy n kimberhew sighed

I am sorry that some people have had troubles reading the poem. Here is a second version I created hopefully with better reading capabilities. Thank you for letting me know. Hope you can enjoy now as well!

Long Blue Line.jpg

Kim Izzy


10 thoughts on “13 Week Streak Summer Flash Fiction – 3rd week – edited”

      1. You’re welcome. It’s been fun and the first time in a long while for me. Still working on week 4 prompt. Working and the American Independence day holiday are making it difficult to find time. But I will get it done!😁

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    1. I will work on it. I got a new computer and struggling to learn and new program for creating my backgrounds. Sorry that you are having difficulties. I will try and comment again when I get it worked out.


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