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13 Week Summer Streak Finale

First I would like to thank Thain in Vain and Drafty Devil for their hard work creating and running the Challenge. It was so very fun. 

Unfortunely, my crazy life interfered with my ability to complete it. I was unable to continue as my mother-in-law went to the ER twice in August, and was admitted for several days both times. Both my mother and mother-in-law ended up with UTI’s between her stays. My husband and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary with a weekend away.

Then for the last week, we have watched my mother grow weaker with growing confusion. We were afraid that her MRSA UTI returned again. Test results didn’t confirm our theory. Yesterday, we took her to the ER. 

She will spend the next several days in the hospital on antibotics with yet a different infection on sepsis protocol.

This week was the finale, Week 13. Head over to Thain In Vain to vote for the Stanley Cup winner (today – September 3, 2017 only). I am. 
According to the comments by Thain in Vain, they are looking into what they can do next. I am hoping to participate.

Kim Izzy


#52CafeCards Week 17 – Q


Week 17’s Mixed Media Altered Playing Card Challenge presented by Maremi’s Creative Cafe on Facebook was Q – Quote. Here are bubbles that I referred to during last week’s post, Peace. I found a quote I think it works really nicely with them for this week’s challenge.

“The ancestor of every action is thought.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Even in the simple action of blowing bubbles, you must have thought ahead to have the equipment available. After deciding where to blow the bubbles, then the action follows.

“The ancestor of every action is thought.” it’s a good quote for us to realize that we need to think about our actions and not act before contemplating the consequences of our actions.

Our world today is the most reactive I have ever seen. It’s a scary time to be alive. There have been a lot of those in history. As a fan of the Star Trek optimism, it feels like we are going backwards instead of forwards.

Be thoughtful,


#52CafeCards Week 13

IMG_20170419_215040.jpgMy life is so busy right now. Trying to find time to create these cards and blogging about them constitutes almost all my free time.

But I love both. Thank you for checking in on my blog. I am no longer ahead in the creation of these cards and just waiting to post. I am behind on both, hoping that my schedule will open up allowing me to catch up.

Week 13’s Mixed Media Altered Playing Card Challenge presented by Maremi’s Creative Cafe on Facebook was M – Me. This was a hard one for me. As I stated above my life is out-of-control. So, this card is about my faith carrying me.



#52CafeCards Week 11

IMG_20170327_184108Week 11’s Mixed Media Altered Playing Card Challenge presented by Maremi’s Creative Cafe on Facebook was K – Kaleidoscope & Kaktus. It was a weird combination for me. At first I struggled with the spelling of Kaktus with a “K.”

However we are an international group and so many of the group are braving a second language, surely to goodness I can handle the unusual spelling of a common word.

Unable to find a creative connection between Kaleidoscope and kaktus, I stayed with just placing both on the card. I have been wanting to play in the sand. In my mind, cactus grow in sand.

I have collected sand from my vacations. The white white sand in project is from Destin, Florida and the yellowish sand is from Caseville, Michigan. I liked the way the white turned out better than the yellow.

I have also experimented with markers on printer photo paper. The Kaleidoscope and the Kaktus were created on this kind of paper. I really like the effects. Hoping to share in the future some of my other artwork created with markers and paint on photo paper.

Stay sandy,




#52CafeCards – Week 4

Week 4 of Maremi’s Creative Cafe’s Mixed Media Altered Playing Card Challenge on Facebook was D – Dragonfly.

This one is close to my heart. I have a weakness for dragonflies. As the first children’s book I published featured a dragonfly named Loop. You can check it out here.

Personal art growth challenge this week was “Shrinky Dink” embellishment. I created this cute little dragonfly with a clearance item from Joann Fabric’s. I was extra nervous thanks to my chemical allergy, but my heat gun shrunk it up nice(and I was able to breath, too! Yeah!!). New tool in my arsenal!

“be an original” as the card says.



#52CafeCards Week 3

I don’t like coffee. It was my luck that week three’s card is C – Coffee. Yuck.

I decided to play. It was a lot of fun to explore fake advertising. Technique learned – first time to have paper embellishment hanging off.

Again, this altered playing card was created for Maremi’s Creative Cafe’s(private Facebook art group) Mixed Media Altered Playing Card Challenge.

Find a way to turn lemons into lemonaid, I did. It was fun.



#52CafeCards – Week 1 & 2

In my last post I referred to a media art challenge in which I was participating.  The two cards picture here are my contribution for weeks 1 & 2/ A – Art & B – Bubbles.

The challenge is held by a private Facebook group, Maremi’s Creative Cafe. A couple of days ago, the group surpassed 5,000 members worldwide. It is a very supportive group with a wide diversity of members. We range from beginners to professional. Unfortunately, I am unable to share anyone else’s work but my own.

My hope is to see how I grow from week to week learning techniques and styles while finding and staying true to my style. My personal challenges in week one were 1) working on a small canvas, and 2) using magazine page in a collage. In week two, the challenge was bubbles. I have seen quite a few artworks with circles and bubbles.

Be Creative!



DogPile and other business

I am sorry about taking such a long break. The last couple of weeks of December has been rough for me and my family. I was sick  in bed with the flu for a week. On Christmas day, one family member and a close family friend passed away. During the month of December, I have been dealing with the situation that is the inspiration for the poem below:dogpile wunboxingkim