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My Newest Art Obsession!

Kimberhew's Three Doodles in 112017 72 dpi

For me, this is as relaxing as coloring pages yet stressful.

The middle one answered one of my biggest worries. What happens if I mess it up? What happens if I smear? It is still one of my favorites. Which one is your favorite? Please tell me in the comments. Thank you.

The process behind the art:

I use Acrylic inks on photo paper to create the backgrounds. Using Pitt pens, dip pens with India and Acrylic Inks I doodle what I see.

Sorry for the lower resolution photo. I am hoping to add products with these designs to my Zazzle store soon.




Inspiration at the Dentist Office

That’s an odd combination, you say. Yes, I agree.


Last week I saw a watercolor post on my facebook group Maremi’s Creative Cafe. It was beautiful. I love to doodle on abstract watercolor backgrounds. The watercolor was similar to the one above. The posted one was painted by Ximena Griffieon. I didn’t want to copy her .

My watercolor is brighter. Hers was more dramatic. Her turtle is a partial corner diver. Mine is headed upwards.

I painted the watercolor. Once it was dry, I packed it into my bag that I carry when I have a few minutes to fill. A week past, I wondered if I would ever find the time.

Friday, my youngest son had a dentist appointment to fill his first cavities. Good and bad, it’s good to be getting them taken care and bad that he got them in the first place. At least he was seventeen before he had any.

I am a very nervous mother. I had my husband go with us. My son is very independent. He was okay with me sitting out in the waiting room but I struggled with my feelings of being inadequate.

After my son left with the dentist, I reached down into my bag and felt the watercolor ready to be finished. Excitement cursed through me. I searched sea turtle images on Bing to get a reference photo. Then I began my drawing. Time flew.

When my son walked out into the waiting room, I was relaxed and mostly done with the watercolor and gel pen Sea Turtle.

Hope you enjoy!



#52CafeCards Week 11

IMG_20170327_184108Week 11’s Mixed Media Altered Playing Card Challenge presented by Maremi’s Creative Cafe on Facebook was K – Kaleidoscope & Kaktus. It was a weird combination for me. At first I struggled with the spelling of Kaktus with a “K.”

However we are an international group and so many of the group are braving a second language, surely to goodness I can handle the unusual spelling of a common word.

Unable to find a creative connection between Kaleidoscope and kaktus, I stayed with just placing both on the card. I have been wanting to play in the sand. In my mind, cactus grow in sand.

I have collected sand from my vacations. The white white sand in project is from Destin, Florida and the yellowish sand is from Caseville, Michigan. I liked the way the white turned out better than the yellow.

I have also experimented with markers on printer photo paper. The Kaleidoscope and the Kaktus were created on this kind of paper. I really like the effects. Hoping to share in the future some of my other artwork created with markers and paint on photo paper.

Stay sandy,




Love Imagination Doodle

Love imagination v1

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting watching the premier of ABC’s Time after Time. I was very much enjoying the show. It has a lot of potential.

But . . . I was itching to play with my art supplies. It had been a busy week and weekend and I hadn’t had a chance to play. So, I grabbed a notebook I had laying around and began to doodling ideas for the Maremi’s Week 9 Challenge of Altered Playing Cards (#52CafeCards) (Here is the card inspired by this doodle). It was fun to see elements appear that I associate with time travel, Orson Wells, etc. . .

Here’s a coloring book page of kimberhew’s Love Imagination.pdf of this doodle. For your personal use only. © 2017 kimberhew IMG_20170329_142321

When I shared a photo of my doodle on Maremi’s Facebook Page, I received very encouraging feed back. They recommended that I color the doodle and call it art. Thank you again to the wonderful community at Maremi’s Creative Cafe. Here is a photo of the colored doodle using Derwent Inktense pencils.





Getting Dressed, part 1

I have been obsessed. Yes, obsessed with dresses. This is unusual for me. I can’t even tell you the last time I wore a dress. Oops, I can. It was two years ago for my oldest son’s graduation. It was a lovely print but it didn’t photo well. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn that until after the ceremony.

What do I have to do with the ceremony, one might ask? As homeschooling parents, we are required to be on stage to present the diploma to our graduating senior.  We will be presenting our daughter’s later this month. We are so proud of her. So, I need a great dress (dress #1).

My oldest son got engaged last month. So, I will need two great dresses this summer; one for the bridal shower (dress #2), and one for the wedding (dress #3). Again, we are so proud of our son and his fiancee. (side bar – a little nervous at becoming a mother-in-law).

Little Black Dress.jpg
Sketch and digital lettering I created for artistic challenge on Facebook

Now, back to my obsession, I am struggling with body image issues once again. Ten years ago, I lost sixty pounds in a couple of years. I maintained that weight loss for five years. I have slowly gained forty pounds over the last five years for so many reasons.

As I have gained the weight back, I have slowly noticed my wardrobe become monotonous, mostly jeans and t-shirts again. We are also going on vacation next month to where we lived five years ago. Pressure, right, I know.

Keep you posted,


New Horizons

Kim's love birds in color pencil medium

I have been working on my Mixed Media projects and that has developed into yet another book I am trying to write and Illustrate with my poetry on my mixed media art pages. One of the hard things is trying to figure out how to get the text on the page. Sure, I could do it with the computer graphics program and make it look great. But I want the original complete with the poem as well.

I dislike my handwriting. Over the years I’ve gotten busy, it’s gotten sloppy. During one of my searches I found by Dawn Nicole 30 Day Challenges. The link will take you to her February 2016 Doodling and Lettering Prompts. I have also signed up for several of her other projects, but that’s another post.

Yesterday’s challenge was to doodle Love birds. She has an entire Facebook Group devoted to these Challenges. The talent is amazing.

I have also been playing around with the idea of coloring pages/ book. You can color your own version of Kim’s Love Birds pdf coloring sheet.



P.S. I love playing around with the setting on pictures. Here is another version of the Love Birds. altered curves Kim's love birds in color pencil