Long Time No See

I know that life happens to all of us. I seem to be particularly unable to balance life. People have always been my focus in life, usually this has been family. For the last twenty one years, my primary focus has been on my three children. I have experienced being the sandwich generation for the last six years.

However, this last year has been elevated to new levels of difficulties. I am planning on a series of post to share these life events. Highlights – engagement, graduation, vacations, aneurysms, ICU, Rehab, MRSA & infections, recovery, wedding, separations, and the big one Divorce.

I have joined a creative community on Facebook Mariemi Cafe and working on their #52CafeCards Challenge. Hoping to sharing my creative playing card created for the challenge, a letter a week with a theme. We are six weeks in for this years, I will probably keep this blog a week or two behind so I can make sure that I have the card ready.

Ready? I hope so. See you soon.




Getting Dressed, part 1

I have been obsessed. Yes, obsessed with dresses. This is unusual for me. I can’t even tell you the last time I wore a dress. Oops, I can. It was two years ago for my oldest son’s graduation. It was a lovely print but it didn’t photo well. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn that until after the ceremony.

What do I have to do with the ceremony, one might ask? As homeschooling parents, we are required to be on stage to present the diploma to our graduating senior.  We will be presenting our daughter’s later this month. We are so proud of her. So, I need a great dress (dress #1).

My oldest son got engaged last month. So, I will need two great dresses this summer; one for the bridal shower (dress #2), and one for the wedding (dress #3). Again, we are so proud of our son and his fiancee. (side bar – a little nervous at becoming a mother-in-law).

Little Black Dress.jpg
Sketch and digital lettering I created for artistic challenge on Facebook

Now, back to my obsession, I am struggling with body image issues once again. Ten years ago, I lost sixty pounds in a couple of years. I maintained that weight loss for five years. I have slowly gained forty pounds over the last five years for so many reasons.

As I have gained the weight back, I have slowly noticed my wardrobe become monotonous, mostly jeans and t-shirts again. We are also going on vacation next month to where we lived five years ago. Pressure, right, I know.

Keep you posted,


Abandoned, Good or Bad?

Abandoned, a word that evokes such emotion. Sadness and fear are my most predominate feelings. The abandoned house, family, pet, etc. . . Things left behind.

It’s not always a bad word or action. I have several projects that I have abandoned. Some are just waiting. Some, however, are abandoned and I will never work on them again.

That is truly a good thing. They weren’t a waste of my time because I learned something. They just aren’t worthy of more of my time.

What have you had to let go of and truly abandoned? Was it a good thing or bad?

I abandoned playing a musical instrument. I was not good and no amount of practice was going to help. It was a good thing. I was able to focus on more enjoyable pursuits: my love of photography, writing, painting, or simply creating what interest me at the moment (sewing, knitting or crocheting, etc. . . )

Don’t give up on something truly important to you but learn to prune your life.



Yard Sale Crafts, Part 2


Two weekends ago, my husband and I went yard-sale-ing. Last week, I posted part 1 (here ). I purchased several craft items. Last week, I wrote about the knitted bead bracelet kit I purchased for $.50. This week’s project is a Hanging Jewelry Organizer.

picture jewerly organizer precreation v1

At a second yard sale, I purchased a dated apple print in an oak frame. I have been looking for an inexpensive large solid lightweight frame for this project for a long time. Above is a picture of the supplies I have slowly purchase to make a jewelry organizer for my wall.

Supplies pictured above:

  • Lace, I chose black & white with large loops
  • Picture frame
  • 1/2 yard of fabric, I chose a burlap
  • Paint
  • Cup hooks ( a package of eight – although mine only had seven)

Also used a foam paint brush, tape measure, glue of choice, and a screw gun.

Step One: Discard the undesirable apple print and the glass. Paint the frame – I used a black multi-surface acrylic paint.

Jewery organizer frame in Process step 1 v1.jpg

Step Two: Reused the board that backed the print. Glue the fabric down. Determine the distance from the top to fit your necklaces. Mark the line you would like to glue your first row of lace. I determined that I needed two inches between rows of lace. (Be careful – when applying the glue line for the black, mine got a little uneven).

Jewelry Organizer - background websize

Step Three: Measure and drill holes for the cup holders, if your frame requires. Also, do not attempt to drill through the frame without using clamps and a barrier under the frame – not pictured. (I brought in professional help – my husband was a carpenter for twenty years.) Twist the cup hooks into the frame. Assemble.Jewelry Organizer - drilling the frame.jpg

Step Four: Hang and enjoy!

Jewelry Organizer - Finished websize

Yard Sale Crafts, part 1

I love to yard sale. It wasn’t something that came naturally to me. My mother really didn’t approve for many years. My husband’s family had done some when he was young. If memory serves, it was more auctions.

My husband and I move away from family after we had been married nine months. Trying to find inexpensive fun things to do together after we bought our first place, we needed to decorate on very tight budget. I asked him to teach me how to yard sale and auction etiquette.

I am sure that there have been times though out our marriage that he has regretted teaching me.( I have definitely surpassed my teacher.) However, this past weekend, we went spent a day together yard sale-ing. It was a great day.

I found quite a bit of art supplies at a much reduced price. YEAH!!!! I have wanted to try my hand at beaded bracelets. (I tried one years ago. It turned out okay. I wanted one of those kit thingies, but not enough to put my money where my mouth was.) I found one of the Klutz Knitted Beaded Bracelet kits at a yard sale for fifty cents. It was time to try it. It looked like maybe someone had opened it up and looked at it then put it back.

There is a learning curve and my background of crochet and knitting definitely help me jump to the head of the class. The pictured purple beaded bracelet is my first attempt.  I found the knitting relaxing. The stringing of beads was a little tedious but I love the comfort and look. There will be more.

Join me next week when I share a picture tutorial on a Pinterest – Success project with things bought this past weekend.



New Horizons

Kim's love birds in color pencil medium

I have been working on my Mixed Media projects and that has developed into yet another book I am trying to write and Illustrate with my poetry on my mixed media art pages. One of the hard things is trying to figure out how to get the text on the page. Sure, I could do it with the computer graphics program and make it look great. But I want the original complete with the poem as well.

I dislike my handwriting. Over the years I’ve gotten busy, it’s gotten sloppy. During one of my searches I found by Dawn Nicole 30 Day Challenges. The link will take you to her February 2016 Doodling and Lettering Prompts. I have also signed up for several of her other projects, but that’s another post.

Yesterday’s challenge was to doodle Love birds. She has an entire Facebook Group devoted to these Challenges. The talent is amazing.

I have also been playing around with the idea of coloring pages/ book. You can color your own version of Kim’s Love Birds pdf coloring sheet.



P.S. I love playing around with the setting on pictures. Here is another version of the Love Birds. altered curves Kim's love birds in color pencil

Work Ethic

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Third From the Top.”

The third line from the third blog:

“My mother’s mother had the work ethic, and she had passed it on to my mother, who had just retired, and who missed her job in the same way, as she put it, a cow misses its pen.” http://blog.longreads.com/2015/03/25/karl-ove-knausgaard-on-the-benefits-of-a-work-driven-life/

Now to work it into a new post:

Work Ethic( A short story)

For the hundredth time, I wondered why couldn’t I be more like my peers, standing around talking about what they watched last night not caring that the client’s messages were ten and twenty deep on their messy, unorganized desk. But no! My mother’s mother had the work ethic, and she had passed it on to my mother, who had just retired, and who missed her job in the same way, as she put it, a cow misses its pen. We’re a dying breed.

Maybe it’s a good thing, I tell myself as my fingers fly across my keyboard.It was five minutes before five . . .

“Linda, get in here.” My supervisor bellowed across the office. “Now.” She stood there tapping her foot.

I grabbed a note pad and pen fast. I had no idea why she’d called me into her office this late on a Friday.

“Leave that and get in here.” she added.

I practically ran, tripping over my own shoes.

“Sit!” She pointed to the chairs across from her desk. She walked back to her chair. “Linda, I am sorry but I did warn you.”

“Warned me about what?”

“I have to let you go. You make the others look bad.”

“But . . . I do my job and do it well.” I stuttered.

She shook her head. “I know but that’s the way of the world these days. You can’t stand out. Please hand me your badge.” She stood. I stood. “You should call HR on Monday morning.” I stumbled out of her office towards my desk.”Have a good weekend, Linda.”

I heard her door close.

©2015 Kim Izzy

New Short Story

Sweep cover 1

I was browsing at Wattpad for SciFi writing prompts when I discovered a new official Wattpad Science Fiction Competition. While I like the other group I wrote with, I struggled with the mature adult themes required. This one stated PG-13 ratings. So, I gave it a try. Here’s the link: http://www.wattpad.com/114186949-sweep

The Blurb:

Wattpad's Science Fiction Competition Entry - Challenge 12 -Space Debris


"As a member of CORDS, you are working on a new project/system/theory to clean all this garbage we sent to space since we started to try reaching the stars.

In 400 words, tell us what happens when this new system is implemented."

Taria Hoots is in the final waiting stages. Everything has been ready when her boss interrupts. What happens next is unthinkable?

Let me know what you think.


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