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Crazy Eyes & Swirlish Ebook Released

I have struggled for so long to find time for my writing and illustrating, a few minutes here a few minutes there. My sister is helping more with my parents during her summer break. So, I took a used a day . . . cough. . . or more to submit my Illustrated Children’s Picture book to Amazon. I have another day or so of work to get the paperwork version available (but that will have to wait for another day, or month, or whatever.)

You can find Crazy Eyes and Swirlish at Amazon

Back cover Blurb-

“Trouble finding friends?
Crazy Eyes, an owl, is hungry and lonely in the forest. He’s different from other owls because he cannot see.
Swirlish, an outcast owl, hears Crazy Eyes singing. Can the two become friends?”


While it is late in the day, I accomplished my goal today. To release Crazy Eyes & Swirlish on International Owl day, August 4th. I love owls, and amazed by them. Hope you enjoy!

Happy Owl Day!

Kim Izzy


Character Created

I wrote a second children’s book several years ago. It’s a story about a father and son, since my first book“The Case of the Missing Mother” is about a mother and daughter.Calinda, facing the future Kimberhew digital signed.jpg

Calinda, the face above, will be the wife and mother in the book I am illustrating. This is the first progress that I have made in almost three years. I started illustrating it digitally and realized that I would need to draw several characters. I really struggled with the illustrating of the characters in my first book. I wanted to practice with paints, pens, and paper. Calinda is my first try although she went through several version on paper then several more with the digital drawing and editing.

I have been inspired in all my creative endeavors by Marta Lapkowska’s facebook group. There are artist and beginners from around the world, Thank you for helping move forward with my dreams.

Dream on!

Kim Izzy


Mom’s Typerwriter


Since my mom’s ruptured brain aneurysm, we have been slowly helping her clean out the basement. It has been a catch all for all the treasures from my grandparent’s passing and my mom’s only sister.

My daughter and I are writers and aspiring authors. While I earn a small amount from my writing, I am not where I want to be. I have self published two “books.” One is a children’s book, “The Case of the Missing Mother”. It’s a gentle tale about a little girl who gets lost but from her perspective her mother is the one lost. The second one, “Sideways” is a fanfic based on the Wayward Pines book series by Blake Crouch.

I also loved doing mixed media art. In my online group, several artworks used typewritten quotes. I really loved the look and wanted to try it. I found a local craft store that had new typewriters for $200. Ouch!

My parents had purchased an electric typewriter for my sister and I while we were in high school (now, I am telling my age, oops!) I knew they would never get rid of it. So, I asked them about it. Not sure where it is but dad found mom’s. I was cautiously optimist. All it needed was a ribbon. Score!

Now all I need are stronger fingers. It takes quite a bit to operate it. My next post should include a #52CafeCards card that I created using typing as an element on it.

What is your favorite family hand-me down? Please reply in the comments.



“You’re driving.” – Connect the Dots, A Daily Post Writing Prompt

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Connect the Dots.”

Open your nearest book to page 82. Take the third full sentence on the page, and work it into a post somehow.

van tire softened

The nearest book to me at the time I read the prompt was my High School daughter’s pleasure read, “The Naturals” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. A book she has been trying to talk me into reading.

However, the real story behind this post is my daughter and the words “You’re driving.” She is one of those teens that loves to be driven around. She has no desire to drive. She has even so far confessed that she wants to move to a big city like New York or Chicago so she doesn’t have to drive and she can take the bus.

The irony is she just got her driver’s license Monday. And today, I told her, “You’re driving.” Now, her book is mocking me. Maybe I should read the book.